STOCK-ade ST-400 Paslode Impulse 200S STOCK-ade ST-315 STOCK-ade ST-315i
ST-400 Staples 200S Staples ST-315 Staples ST-315i Staples
STOCKade makes fencing

Paslode 315 Wire Fence StaplerNow available in the US market, two pneumatic staple tools and a gas powered impulse stapler, the ST 400, the ST 315, the Impulse 200S and the ST 315i


The STOCK-ade tool technology has been developed to drive wire fence staples for fencing, or other wire-to-wood stapling needs. This stapling system is available in pneumatic or gas powered tools.

Using the Paslode 315
New Stockade Gas Powered Tool
Made in U.S.A.

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