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Manual Stapling
In 2010, my wife and I had a discussion that many farmers or ranchers have had or at least thought about; that was building or repairing fences around our property.  What a task!  I had been hammer driving fence staples for many years, mashing thumbs and fingers, getting pierced with flying staples to finish the building job along with aching elbows and shoulders.

 Well, I told my wife there had to be a better way to drive staples than using a hammer.  So, I began looking on the internet for some sort of a staple driver.  No luck!  I then decided to invent one.  Not only did I have a need, but every farmer, rancher, and fencing company needed one too.  Since I found none available I began down loading all the pneumatic construction nail gun literature to evaluate their mechanism for driving nails.  By chance I found the Paslode New Zealand’s web site.  What a discovery, there was an automatic wire fence staple driver on the home page.

I sent an email to them saying I wanted to buy one.  The reply was that they didn’t sell them in the United States.  Bummer!  I sent another email telling them I lived in the central Kentucky race horse region and I thought there was a huge need for a stapling tool for the professional fencing companies and cattle and sheep farmers.  One email after another led to phone calls and it was decided that STOCK-ade New Zealand would be interested developing a market here in Kentucky and surrounding states since there was no market at all anywhere in the United States.  I was able to procure two STOCK-ade tools, one, the gas powered Impulse 200S and the other, the pneumatic ST 315 stapling tool.  I was to show a regional need for local fencing companies by demonstrating the tools and compiling their interest by a written survey.  The interest and need was overwhelming even to me.  This led to a contract to become the only distributor in the United States for the STOCK-ade ST 315 and Impulse staplers, operating as WireFenceStapler®. We have not just been a distributor, but we have been a voice of our customers back to the manufacturer. These discussions have lead to a larger gun, the STOCK-ade ST 400, capable of fastening with 9 gauge barbed staples.

Although our company Scintiprox, Inc. began in 1991 the division of WireFenceStapler® only began in 2010.

So here we are, driving staples with a STOCK-ade tool.

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