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The STOCK-ade Impulse ST-315i

STOCK-ade Impulse ST 315iThe STOCK-ade Impulse ST-315i is a gas powered tool. Instead of a pneumatic hose and compressor, the tool uses a gas fuel cell and a battery to drive the tool. This design gives you maximum mobility when hoses and compressors are cumbersome to use.

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Tool Features

  • Cordless - enhancing freedom of movement
  • Ready to use, no set up or compressor required
  • Modified for fencing
  • Depth adjustment for proper wire gripping without overdriving


  • Trellising in wineries
  • Farm Batten Fencing
  • Deer Fencing and other high tensile wire applications
  • Utility pole copper ground wire installation and repairs

Staples for the ST 315i


Rechargeable Battery (for use with the STOCK-ade Impulse ST-315i)

  • For extended operation of your gas powered stapler, get extra batteries
  • This is important for those large jobs or remote locations, when recharging conveniences are unavailable or the time to recharge is not practical
  • Reduce labor costs for worker downtime while charging batteries or errands to retrieve fresh ones from the shop


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