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STOCKade makes fencing

The STOCK-ade ST 400

STOCK-ade ST 400The STOCK-ade ST 400 is an air (pneumatic) powered tool. This tool drives¬†1½ inch smooth staples, and 1¾ inch, and 2 inch barbed staples. The ST 400 is designed for high volume fence construction.

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Tool Features

  • Durable Construction
  • Powerful Pneumatic Technology
  • Drives STOCK-ade Hot Dipped ¬†9 gauge Galvanized Staples
  • Sequential Trigger System
  • Adjustable Air Deflector
  • Staple wire angle guide and Depth of Drive attachment included


  • Rural Farm and Ranch Wire Fencing
  • Mesh and Chain Link Fencing
  • Deer Fencing and other high tensile wire applications
  • Utility pole copper ground wire installation

Staples for the ST 400

Detailed Specifications for the ST 400 Stapler

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